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  • Reliability
    3.0 / 10
  • Pricing
    3.8 / 10
  • User Friendly
    2.8 / 10
  • Support
    2.6 / 10
  • Features
    2.9 / 10

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Peter Wiesenekker
  • Betrouwbaarheid 2.0
  • Kosten 2.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 2.0
  • Ondersteuning 2.0
  • Eigenschappen 2.0

waardeloos bedrijf

Gebruikte service: Gedeelde - PowerWeb Basic
Waardeloos! Kan al een tijd geen emails meer sturen naar mijn klanten die een etc hebben. Strato staat op een blacklist dus kijk uit voordat je hier een hosting of email account afsluit. Je kunt je klante ... Lees Meer
Ian Meck
het Verenigd Koninkrijk
  • Betrouwbaarheid 8.0
  • Kosten 2.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 2.0
  • Ondersteuning 2.0
  • Eigenschappen 2.0

Unbelievable drop in quality

Gebruikte service: Gedeelde - PowerWeb Plus
Previously the quality of the team was superb and a reason I had a number of services/packages with Strato. They have dropped any form of telephone support and this, coupled with the very unclear nature of their comms - emails rel ... Lees Meer
Ronny Noa
  • Betrouwbaarheid 2.0
  • Kosten 2.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 2.0
  • Ondersteuning 2.0
  • Eigenschappen 2.0

Very bad Host and no Customer Service

Gebruikte service: Gedeelde - PowerWeb Plus
Im living in Philippines and choose because im from Germany and Im used to good Service and Reliability. They hosted 4 of my Websites and it tooks me very long time to get all the SSL and Siteguards done and I paid a fo ... Lees Meer
Warren Freeman
  • Betrouwbaarheid 2.0
  • Kosten 4.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 2.0
  • Ondersteuning 2.0
  • Eigenschappen 2.0

Be aware

Gebruikte service: Gedeelde - PowerWeb Basic
There's no chance to find a host worse than this one in whole Net. Finding an help or a contact on their own site is literraly a mouse trap, a nightmare. A simple example: in more than 10 years with them I wasn't able to explain t ... Lees Meer
Oscar web
de Verenigde Staten
  • Betrouwbaarheid 2.0
  • Kosten 2.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 2.0
  • Ondersteuning 2.0
  • Eigenschappen 2.0

Worst ever, avoid it. What may seem cheap will be expensive

Gebruikte service: Gedeelde - PowerWeb Plus
This is the worst domain and host provider i have ever seen. They cancelled all of the sudden my domain and they just wanted us to move to another place. No notice, no reason. Their support is totally unsupportive They will not he ... Lees Meer
Ali Uen
  • Betrouwbaarheid 2.0
  • Kosten 6.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 2.0
  • Ondersteuning 2.0
  • Eigenschappen 2.0

False information and Unproffesional service.

Gebruikte service: VPS - V-Server Linux Level 3
I registered and on other step asked for activate with SMS. And I did received email activated and will server ready in max. 24 hours. I waited 4 days nothing. Called them and they told me. I will receive a mail with activation co ... Lees Meer
Steve Winter
het Verenigd Koninkrijk
  • Betrouwbaarheid 6.0
  • Kosten 6.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 2.0
  • Ondersteuning 2.0
  • Eigenschappen 4.0

Not great

If you’re an expert not a problem if you’re not don’t use this site !!! There’s no customer care, no help line and the ignore emails until you use the words “ I want to cancel! “ when you do cancel don’t even think about asking fo ... Lees Meer
Ruben Labruyere
  • Betrouwbaarheid 8.0
  • Kosten 8.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 8.0
  • Ondersteuning 8.0
  • Eigenschappen 6.0

Not everyone has bad experiences

Gebruikte service: VPS
Unlike everyone else here, my experience with Strato is actually really good. I have been running my server for almost a year now and barely got any issues. In fact, when I was going to have downtime I was notified properly by ema ... Lees Meer


Dienst Prijsklasse
Gedeelde Hosting € 3,60 - € 16,53 Bekijk Pakketten
VPS € 8,30 - € 36,86 Bekijk Pakketten
Dedicated Server € 36,03 - € 299,27 Bekijk Pakketten
De diensten en kosten zijn gehaald van

STRATO Expert Beoordeling 2018

Geschreven door: Michael Lavnduski


  • Betrouwbaarheid
    9.5 / 10
  • Kosten
    9 / 10
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk
    8.5 / 10
  • Ondersteuning
    8 / 10
  • Eigenschappen
    8.5 / 10
gewaardeerd door Michael Lavnduski
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Large Hosting Provider

Strato is a large hosting provider with a proven reputation.  They serve over 4 million unique domains and 1.6 million websites.  This is on their over 60,000 servers.  They have these servers spread out over six European countries as well, which helps to improve the speed and service that their customers are going to get.

In addition to hosting services they also offer site building services, options to help you sell products online and online storage services.  Whether you are looking just for hosting or you will be using all their services, they will do a good job at keeping you satisfied with your orders.

Uptime & Reliability


Very Stable Hosting

The hosting with this company is very stable and they will keep the sites you run very safe and reliable.  This is largely because they seem to focus mostly on VPS solutions, which are naturally more stable than other options.  In addition they added a lot of solid state drives, which again are more reliable than traditional hard drives.  They also offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee so you know you'll be getting the great service you need.



Quality Hosting Services

The hosting features are quite nice across all their packages.  They offer a free month for users who are just signing up for any of their hosting options.  They also offer solid state drives on just about all servers, which will help to improve the speed at which your sites are running.  Strato uses Plesk for the cPanel, which is a popular option that can meet the needs of most people.

When looking through the hosting packages you will see that there are a lot of options to choose from.  They do split them up nicely so they are pretty easy to understand.  Some areas, however, they really don't give you enough information to make an educated decision.  For example, with the VPS servers they say that they provide you with 2 CPU vCores, but don't mention how many GHz's each vCore is.  This is somethign that you'll need to know to properly decide what package to choose.





Easy to Reach Tech Support

The technical support teams are quite good and they are able to help you to get your sites up and running the way you want them very fast.  If you run into any trouble, the support team can be reached through a ticketing system that they reply to fast.  One bad thing is that this company does not seem to have a FAQ or knowledge base at all.



Average to Low Pricing

The pricing with this company is either average or below average at all levels.  When signing up for most packages you will get a free month of service, which is quite nice.  For the entry level VPS you will pay just $8.99 per month as long as you pay for an annual contract.  If you just want to pay month to month it is still the same price, but without the free month at the beginning.  The highest level VPS is 39.90 Euro per month.



Very Nice European Hosting

If you need hosting anywhere throughout Europe and the surrounding regions, this is a great company to consider.  They really seem to put their customers first and have done a great job of keeping up with the latest technical advancements.


  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • SSD options
  • Affordable Prices


  • Limited Options for Shared Hosting
  • Limited Self-Help Information
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STRATO Kosten, Pakketten & Functies - 2018

Gedeelde Hosting Pakketten

Pakket Ruimte Bandbreedte Aantal Sites Prijs Score
15 GB Ongelimiteerd Ongelimiteerd € 3,60 3.0
60 GB Ongelimiteerd Ongelimiteerd € 6,37 2.1
120 GB Ongelimiteerd Ongelimiteerd € 9,15 2.7
200 GB Ongelimiteerd Ongelimiteerd € 16,53 3.2

VPS Hosting Pakketten

Pakket Ruimte CPU RAM Besturingssysteem Prijs Score
200 GB 2 kernen 4 GB € 8,30 7.2
400 GB 4 kernen 8 GB € 13,76 3.0
600 GB 8 kernen 16 GB € 23,00 2.8
800 GB 16 kernen 32 GB € 36,86 2.0

Dedicated Server Pakketten

Pakket Ruimte CPU RAM Besturingssysteem Prijs Score
1.95 TB 4 x 2.70GHz 8 GB € 36,03 3.0
3.91 TB 4 x 3.30GHz 16 GB € 63,74 3.0
120 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 32 GB € 119,16 3.2
1.95 TB 4 x 2.70GHz 8 GB € 59,11 3.0
3.91 TB 4 x 3.30GHz 32 GB € 96,06 3.0
3.91 TB 12 x 2.00GHz 128 GB € 299,27 3.0
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