DreamHost Expert Beoordeling 2018

Geschreven door: Ilya Hazanov

DreamHost Score

  • Betrouwbaarheid
    9.2 / 10
  • Kosten
    7.8 / 10
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk
    6.5 / 10
  • Ondersteuning
    3 / 10
  • Eigenschappen
    7 / 10
gewaardeerd door Ilya Hazanov

DreamHost: Niet de Goedkoopste, maar Coole Functies

Dit is een webhost die een erg zeldzame 100% uptime niet-goed-geld-terug garantie aanbiedt met een gratis proefperiode van twee weken. Ze concurreren niet voor de laagste prijs, maar ze zeggen dat ze meer voor u zullen doen en u met kwaliteit zullen winnen. Als u niet tevreden bent in uw eerste 97 dagen, krijgt u uw geld terug, hoe dan ook.

Gezien hun beloofde diensten, is het bizar dat DreamHost geen gebruikers-gedreven telefoonondersteuning heeft. In plaats daarvan bieden ze slechts en ticketsysteem en een terugbeldienst aan (bij sommige pakketten, en het aantal keer dat ze terugbellen is zelfs dan beperkt).

Met éénjarige en tweejarige contracten waar u uit kan kiezen, krijgt u ofwel gedeelde hosting, VPS, of toegewijde hosting. Het tweejarige plan biedt niet echt genoeg korting om de toewijding aan de host te wagen.

Uptime & Reliability


Wow! 100% Uptime Guarantee

Although 99.9% uptime is the general promise made by web hosts, DreamHost made the rare step forward and brought it all the way to 100%. Our tests and external reviews show stellar uptime reports. However, if they break that promise, you only get a free day of service for each hour of outage, which seems a little light in terms of penalization.

Security is paramount to DreamHost, and they offer 50 GB of automatic backups. They also include improved security through passwords on directories and other forms of boosted website security.



Robust Features Plus the Basics

You don’t just get all the unlimited basics that many web hosts offer – like domains, bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, and MySQL 5 databases – but you get advanced features, too. You also get free domain registration, support for multiple coding languages (PHP5, Perl, Python, etc), website traffic statistics, and a variety of plugins, platforms and other solutions.

DreamHost also starts you off with a $100 Google AdWords credit when you launch the included promotional campaign starter.

Feature Description
BandwidthUnlimited bandwidth is included in all packages.t
Disk SpaceUnlimited disk space is included in all packages.
Website BuilderDreamHost doesn’t include any site builders, but you can install an add-on like WordPress with a single click.
Email AccountsUnlimited email accounts are included in all packages.
Shopping CartsDreamHost doesn’t include any e-commerce solutions, but you can install an add-on like ZenCart with a single click.
StatsAnalog is the default stats package for DreamHost, but Webalizer is also available.t
FTP AccountUnlimited FTP accounts are included in all packages, though for anonymous FTP you must pay a fee to get a unique IP.
Multiple DomainsAn unlimited number of domains are included in all packages.



Limited Support

DreamHost has a wealth of functions, but that’s tempered by the somewhat limited technical support. Their tutorials, wiki, and user forums are wonderful, and kudos to them for their dedication to social media, but you can’t connect via live chat or an outgoing phone call. They promise to respond to support emails within 24 hours, which isn’t the best.  Even then, the quality of your support technicians is inconsistent.



Better Deals on Longer Terms

DreamHost is on the expensive side of the web hosting world.  However, if you are ready to commit to a longer contract, you can get a much better deal.

Most packages don’t include an e-commerce solution, so plan to spend another $30 per month for its CafeCommerce platform.

One bonus with DreamHost is that it does have the capability to take care of you as you grow, so if you get to the point where you need a VPS or a dedicated server, DreamHost can fill that role for you. VPS plans start at $15 per month, and dedicated server plans start at $99 per month.

User Friendly


Easy Setup

Users used to cPanel will notice (or miss)  its absence. DreamHost has created their own control panel, which is easy to use; you just need to take a moment to get used to it.

If you had a cPanel account before, you don’t have to start entirely from scratch; you can actually import your information (including all settings), with an “importer” feature.


This host offers packages starting on the more basic end going all the way through to to dedicated hosting. The big downside is the lack of live chat or phone support.


  • Familiar cPanel
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • 2-week trial, 97-day money back guarantee
  • Unlimited basic features (domains, emails, bandwidth, MySQL databases, etc.)
  • Ability to grow with your company


  • No live phone or chat support
  • Poor support
  • Slow web loads

DreamHost Gebruikersbeoordelingen

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Klantenscore voor DreamHost

  • Reliability
    9.1 / 10
  • Pricing
    8.9 / 10
  • User Friendly
    8.8 / 10
  • Support
    9.0 / 10
  • Features
    8.8 / 10

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Ray Ja
het Verenigd Koninkrijk
  • Betrouwbaarheid 2.0
  • Kosten 2.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 2.0
  • Ondersteuning 2.0
  • Eigenschappen 2.0

Worst support ever

Gebruikte service: Gedeelde - Everything Unlimited
Been trying to get any response out of anyone for the last day regarding an account I can't sign into, this is an urgent issue and none of Dreamhost's support accounts are active. Total fail. I was a customer for 12 years, and I wouldn't recommend you use them. Truly, a garbage-level service.
L.A.W. Tol B.V.
  • Betrouwbaarheid 2.0
  • Kosten 2.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 2.0
  • Ondersteuning 2.0
  • Eigenschappen 2.0

Dreamhost Nightmare!

Gebruikte service: Gedeelde - Everything Unlimited
Recently our CEO decided to do business with a professional website builder.
Somewhere in the process the decision was made to move to a other hosting company since Dreamhost isnt cheap.
Thats where our problems started. We call...Lees Meer
Johan Van
  • Betrouwbaarheid 10
  • Kosten 6.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 8.0
  • Ondersteuning 2.0
  • Eigenschappen 6.0

Bad Support or Company Policy?

Gebruikte service: Gedeelde
I have been with DreamHost for several years, they are hosting several of my sites.

Over the past 6 months or so the customer service quality has (for me) gone from being 9/10 to 3/10.

I used to get direct, clear answers to ...Lees Meer
SF Hen
de Verenigde Staten
  • Betrouwbaarheid 4.0
  • Kosten 8.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 4.0
  • Ondersteuning 4.0
  • Eigenschappen 8.0

DreamHost Support, Needs to be Overhauled - Three Days Without Email Access/Service Unacceptable and Disturbing

Gebruikte service: VPS
I've been a DreamHost customer for more than ten years and I appreciate the overall site host and email account service I've had in the past. However, in the past year+, the overall hosting/email service has gone down in quality w...Lees Meer
user avatar
This kind of feedback is the most important for beginners who are starting their career.
Thomas Lisimati Baloyi
  • Betrouwbaarheid 4.0
  • Kosten 10
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 10
  • Ondersteuning 10
  • Eigenschappen 2.0

Its Very Bad Hosting

Gebruikte service: VPS
I have 5 websites hosted at dreamhost.com. their support team is very good but the problem is they don't have a Control Panel, it was not a problem until I registered a web hosting site and I failed to upload the 3rd party softwar...Lees Meer
user avatar
Actually i moved to dreamhost from bluehost and they are ten times better, more simple interface yes, but none of the unneeeded paid extras rammed down your throat from bluehost, and much more efficient servers. Never had the prob...Lees Meer
Paul Alfred
de Verenigde Staten
  • Betrouwbaarheid 10
  • Kosten 10
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 10
  • Ondersteuning 10
  • Eigenschappen 10

Positive experience for a small business owner

Gebruikte service: Gedeelde
I am a new small business owner and I chose DreamHost based on the reviews I read across many blogs and review sites. I am very happy to have made this decision. I am using their shared hosting plan as that is all I need for my bu...Lees Meer
Renee L Pettit
de Verenigde Staten
  • Betrouwbaarheid 6.0
  • Kosten 4.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 2.0
  • Ondersteuning 2.0
  • Eigenschappen 4.0


Gebruikte service: Gedeelde
This company is horrible on support. The live chat feature is never functional and they do not respond to support emails in a timely fashion. There is no phone number to call. We inherited this account from another agencies and cannot even get them to help us pay the bill. It is very frustrating.
Johnn Mendoza
  • Betrouwbaarheid 2.0
  • Kosten 6.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 6.0
  • Ondersteuning 4.0
  • Eigenschappen 2.0

Dreamhost Shared hosting is the worst

Gebruikte service: Gedeelde
If you're on a shared hosting with Dreamhost expect issue after issue just thrown at you. It's really not worth getting stressed about. I just migrated to another hosting.
jellina smith
  • Betrouwbaarheid 8.0
  • Kosten 6.0
  • Gebruiksvriendelijk 10
  • Ondersteuning 6.0
  • Eigenschappen 6.0

Cheap web design and hosting service

Gebruikte service: VPS
Dreamhost is pretty great. I love the Cpanel hosting and uptime but

the customer support could be better. It is a decent cost to benefit

ratio bet if they gave a free domain to Cpanel hosting and people who

want to code t...Lees Meer


Dienst Prijsklasse
Gedeelde Hosting € 6,90 Bekijk Pakketten
VPS € 13,03 - € 104,22 Bekijk Pakketten
Dedicated Server € 129,41 - € 242,31 Bekijk Pakketten
Cloud Hosting € 3,91 - € 41,69 Bekijk Pakketten
De diensten en kosten zijn gehaald van www.dreamhost.com

DreamHost Kosten, Pakketten & Functies - 2018

Gedeelde Hosting Pakketten

Pakket Ruimte Bandbreedte Aantal Sites Prijs Score
Ongelimiteerd Ongelimiteerd Ongelimiteerd € 6,90 4.5

VPS Hosting Pakketten

Pakket Ruimte CPU RAM Besturingssysteem Prijs Score
30 GB - 1 GB € 13,03 8.9
60 GB - 2 GB € 26,05 8.9
120 GB - 4 GB € 52,11 8.9
240 GB - 8 GB € 104,22 8.9

Dedicated Server Pakketten

Pakket Ruimte CPU RAM Besturingssysteem Prijs Score
1000 GB 4 kernen 4 GB € 129,41 8.9
1.95 TB 12 kernen 16 GB € 242,31 8.9

Cloud Hosting Pakketten

Pakket Ruimte CPU RAM Bandbreedte Prijs Score
80 GB 1 kern 512 MB Ongelimiteerd € 3,91 8.9
80 GB 1 kern 2 GB Ongelimiteerd € 10,42 8.9
80 GB 4 kernen 8 GB Ongelimiteerd € 41,69 8.9
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