Max is een 26 jaar oude schrijver, hosting expert en programmeur uit Oost Oekraïne. Hij heeft gevarieerde passies, en heeft een liefde voor coderen en fijne kunst. Daarnaast houdt Max van muziek; hij schrijft vaak eigen nummers en speelt het op zijn basgitaar.

Kubernetes hosting

Geschreven door: , 24 apr. 2018
Kubernetes was released as an open source software project in 2015, quickly becoming one of the most important tools used in elastic cloud web server orchestration due to the framework's unique ability to manage clusters at scale in data center production. Kubernetes allows large scale data center hardware networks to be managed in a unified manner for complex web/mobile application hosting requirGa door

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"Kubernetes hosting"

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"Elastic cloud hosting"

Containers vs. VPS Hosting

Geschreven door: , 11 apr. 2018
Containers and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) both use software virtualization to partition and allocate hardware resources on cloud networks. VPS plans operate with hypervisor software providing shared kernel support across multiple native host operating system installations on a web server with fixed resource allocations. Containers use a runtime engine for virtualization and micro or nano operatGa door

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"Containers vs. VPS Hosting"

Container Hosting

Geschreven door: , 10 apr. 2018
Containers have grown since 2013 to become a leading standard for hardware resource virtualization in cloud data center management. Where VPS partitions run with hypervisor software for shared OS kernel support on a web server, containers use a runtime engine like Docker, CoreOS rkt, LXC/LXD, Apache Mesos, or Hyper runV for virtualization partitions. Web server stack software disk images are dGa door

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"Container Hosting"

Web Hosting Security Guide

Geschreven door: , 24 jan. 2018
As most contemporary web hosting companies operate under a managed cloud approach, online businesses & web publishers are increasingly reliant on the technical expertise of strangers in a remote environment to keep their data safe, maintain website code integrity, and provide continual network uptime without loss of critical services. Hackers may target an individual website to steal finanGa door

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"Web Hosting Security Guide"

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