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Dedicated Server € 72,33 - € 154,73
Cloud Hosting € 5,13 - € 13,73


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

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Devan Yahya
Devan Yahya

scammm.... they steal my money (RESOLVED)

scam. steal my money. suck payment gateway. no refund on bank side.

ticket #TCN-353RXT-973QI not resolved. and they steal my money.

very bad services

Dear Devan,

We have looked into the situation, and we see that there were no issues with the payment on our side as the money was held up by the bank - apologies for the inconvenience caused. At the time your review was left, o...Lees Meerur support team was still looking into the matter - but we are glad that since then the issue was resolved.
We have checked your ticket again, and we see that that the problem was solved shortly after with a successful transaction.

We value your feedback and we are happy to have you with us. If you have any further questions, please contact us at support@heficed.com

Team Heficed
Devan Yahya
Devan Yahya,
hi, updated the review
Devan Yahya
Devan Yahya,
this ticket is resolved. thankyou heficed
Daniel Welch
Daniel Welch uit Nederland,

Heficed BGP Hijacked our IP subnet

Heficed re-assigned our subnet to another customer without our knowledge or permission and then BGP hijacked our subnet with their router. We've never seen a network provider operate this way and don't recommend potential customer...Lees Meers to rent IP subnets via heficed. Currently, our lawyers are suing this company to recover losses.Minder
Hello Daniel,

Sorry to hear your experience did not turn out great. We can assure you that there was no BGP hijack in your case.

Here is what happened:
Your payment was due, and we could not confirm a successful clearance o...Lees Meern the 20-June. We sent you two reminders about the failed payments on the 21-June as well as on 22-June. Your service was canceled after three unsuccessful attempts, and the subnet became available in our IP Address Market again for other customers. It's a standard procedure for failed payments.

For now, we advise you to order a new subnet and ensure the payments are made on time to avoid a similar situation in the future. Talk to our support team at support@heficed.com if you need assistance.

Customer Success
Daniel Welch
Daniel Welch,
Your reply is full of crap. You started using our IP addresses while you had no permission to according to the RIPE database. This is called BGP hijacking. This highly unprofessional behaviour of Heficed caused hundreds of hosts t...Lees Meero lose connectivity to 50% of the world resulting in serious financial losses.Minder
Paulo Costa
Paulo Costa uit Brazilië,
Moved from Leaseweb

I love this company!

Heficed is the company I trust. I have been using Heficed for several years and I have never had an issue with the cloud stability, speed or responsiveness from their support team. I have cloud servers in Brazil, USA and Europe. I...Lees Meer can confirm, all location performing excellent.
Moreover, their team has a top expertise in their infrastructure field, so sometimes I ask for their help/opinion on some infrastructure stuff.
Nicole Willis
Nicole Willis uit Finland,

Offers good services but support is lacking

I will admit, I didn't start with any developer skills and started to acquire them along the way. However, many host servers have troubleshooting and community threads that will clarify what one would need. When Googling for solut...Lees Meerions, I found other services had answers to questions while Heficed had rudimentary directions that one could not find on a search engine. When opening tickets, support staff often gave directions to amend an issue that were false. They began offering DNS management which allowed for you to transfer and manage domains but never made an interface to do basic things like change contact, point to Nameservers, etc. It wasn't clear who the actual registrar was. Support stated in ticket that you could point domains to other nameservers when you could not. When I stated that it is unusual for support staff to not know that the nameservers could not be pointed at their terminal, they replied that they were aware of it and the service was at EOL. So they'll be quite a bit of going in circles before something is amended and support staff willingly send you in circles. Chats are for sales only, and even then have little knowledge. They will offer licenses via cPanel, however cPanel could not advise how to avoid for eg. using a cancelled CloudLinux license when attempting to downgrade to CentOS 7. Again there were plenty of advice from other service providers on search engines, some from cPanel themselves. I followed those commands at least 3 times, only to find that with each reinstallation of CentOS, that CloudLinux RPMs were automatically installed anyway. Had to ask cPanel directly to delete the CloudLinux license manually and proceed. Yes, if I had prior knowledge it would have been better. So I don't suggest this server for an inexperienced server manager.Minder
Dear Nicole,

We are very sad about your experience with our support team. We will pass along your feedback to our support lead. It is definitely not representative of the way we want to treat our clients. We are taking your com...Lees Meerments and recommendations very seriously to improve the quality of the content for our self-service tools.
Would you mind sending us a DM in our public slack at heficedpublic.slack.com or via email hello@heficed.com so we could collect all the things you struggled with at Heficed and fix it.
Your feedback is precious to us, and we want o to hear from you more.

Let's talk.

Team Heficed
Ash Nicholas
Ash Nicholas uit Singapore,

Excellent Service Provider!

Heficed is in locations where other suppliers aren't. They offer quality services and support assistance is friendly and swift. I am using services from multiple hosting companies for my digital business operations, but Heficed be...Lees Meercome one of my favoure service provider from day one. The ease of using service exceeds my expectations andMinder
Wyatt W
Wyatt W uit Duitsland,

Motivated teams and transparency

I like transparency from the teams at Heficed then some outage or downtime happens, the team reports immediately, and with complete transparency and actions, they're taking to resolve it ASAP. Respect to Heficed team!
I also, so ...Lees Meermuch like the status page they put into production some time ago. The team is continuously evolving, developing new features, better customer experience, and service quality raise.Minder

Expert review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Expert Hosting Schrijver & Tester

Britse hosting met veel datacenter opties

Host1Plus is een Brits web based hostingbedrijf die een verscheidenheid aan professionele hosting diensten biedt. Hun hoog opgeleide team is gespecialiseerd in hosting en domeinbeheer met behulp van een ultra krachtig netwerk voor de website van uw bedrijf. Ze hebben vele locaties waar zij actief zijn. Host1Plus heeft datacenters in L.A., Londen, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Brazilië, Zuid-Afrika en Singapore.

Heficed Kosten, Pakketten & Functies - 2023

Dedicated Server Pakketten

Pakket Ruimte CPU RAM Besturingssysteem Prijs Score
Chicago, United States 240 GB 4 x 3.70GHz 16 GB € 72,33 4.3 Details
Reston, United States 240 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 16 GB € 72,33 4.3 Details
Los Angeles, United States 240 GB 4 x 3.80GHz 16 GB € 72,33 4.3 Details
London, United Kingdom 240 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 16 GB € 73,24 4.1 Details
Frankfurt, Germany 240 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 16 GB € 81,48 5.0 Details
Milan, Italy 240 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 16 GB € 81,48 4.3 Details
Johannesburg, South Africa 240 GB 4 x 3.80GHz 16 GB € 99,79 5.0 Details
Lagos, Nigeria Ongelimiteerd 6 x 3.50GHz 16 GB € 136,42 4.3 Details
São Paulo, Brazil 240 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 16 GB € 154,73 4.3 Details

Cloud Hosting Pakketten

Pakket Ruimte CPU RAM Bandbreedte Prijs Score
Chicago, United States 10 GB 1 kern 512 MB 1 TB € 5,13 4.3 Details
Los Angeles, United States 10 GB 1 kern 512 MB 1 TB € 6,04 4.3 Details
London, United Kingdom 10 GB 1 kern 512 MB 1 TB € 6,04 5.0 Details
Frankfurt, Germany 10 GB 1 kern 512 MB 1 TB € 5,13 5.0 Details
São Paulo, Brazil 10 GB 1 kern 512 MB 1 TB € 11,44 5.0 Details
Johannesburg, South Africa 10 GB 1 kern 512 MB 1 TB € 13,73 4.3 Details

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