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Eliran Ouzan is de mede-oprichter en ontwerper van HostAdvice, en bezit ook Moonshot Marketing, een leidend bedrijf in website ontwerp & ontwikkeling. Eliran heeft superieure kennis over wat een goed hostingsbedrijf nodig heeft.

2015 Web Hosting Companies Market Share Review Announced

2015 Web Hosting Companies Market Share Review Announced

After Collecting Data From Over 1,500 Hosting Companies and 54 Million Hosted Websites, Host Advice Reveals Fascinating Results About The Market Share of Top Hosting Sites Per Country

Using advanced comparison tools, new online service Host Advice today released the results of its “Global Web Hosting Market Share 2015” review. Until now, there has never been research done on the Web hosting industry because it required analyzing thousands of Web hosting plans from hundreds of Web hosting companies, and running a check on millions of websites.

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Elance freelancers research – Which country is the best?

Elance freelancers research – Which country is the best?

Like many internet companies, we work with many freelancers that do web design, virtual assistance and marketing for HostAdvice.com. After working with more than 70 freelancers over the years, we decided to perform this research to answer a question we had: is nationality playing a role in cost and quality of the freelancers we hire.

We hired a group of researchers (on Elance of course) and asked them to check profiles of the top 10 freelancers in 4 categories from 10 nationalities, and compare scores, costs, repetition (costumers returning to hire the same freelancers) and recommendation rates.

What we found may surprise you, but more importantly, it can improve the quality of work you get, and lower the price you have to pay.

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Why you should be really worried about Google entering the domain business

Google is intent on making itself even more attractive and indispensable than it already is. That sentence alone seems a sweeping, wild statement, considering how much reach Google has in terms of business saturation, but Google uses its powers, money and influence to take apart any competitors that may stand in its way..  

As an example, Google Maps inflicted serious damage to Mapquest not that long ago, and Google AdWords has given the Yellowpages industry a serious cause for leaving their keys on the table…

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Wix to WordPress – Free website conversion

If you are looking to convert your Wix site into WordPress free platform, you've come to the right place.

Many people use Wix – a great website builder platform, to build their website, but then discover they are tied to host their site on wix.com which is not the cheapest around.  In this short post, you will learn how to convert your Wix based site into WordPress.

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There are 3 steps to take:

Installing WordPress on iPage Installing conversion plugin on your new WP Clicking "Stat Migration"

Step 1 - installing WordPress

1. Click the “Sign Up Now” button on  iPage as seen below.

2. See if your prized domain name is available. *If you already have a domain, then no problem, type it in, and iPage will move it to your new account from Wix.

3. If you discover your domain name is not available, you have one of two choices: A. Pick a similar domain from the list of suggestions. B. See if a different domain name idea is waiting to be grabbed. Completing this step will take you to the “create account” page.

4. Provide Your Billing/Account Information

Be sure to provide an email address you frequently use I usually do a 12 month plan I typically uncheck the domain privacy extra Go ahead and uncheck all the extras, you don’t need them

Click Check Out (You can add them later at any time)

Once your account is set up, you can now install wordpress.

5. Click on the WordPress icon under the “website” section in the admin area.

6. You will then be redirected to the Mojo Marketplace where the installation will take place

7. Click on the “Install” button to begin the WordPress installation process

8. Choose your domain from the drop-down menu, and click “check domain”

9. Last step, check the terms and conditions box and click “install now”

10. Once the installation is complete you will receive an email with your WordPress login credentials.

Step 2: installing the conversion plugin

Download CMS2CMS - This is a plugin that helps convert one CMS (Content Management Software) to another, or in this case Wix to WordPress.

You can download it from here http://wordpress.org/plugins/cms2cms-wix-to-wp-migrator/


Step 3: On your WP plugin menu, click "Start Migration"

This is it. It should not take you more than 10 minutes to complete.

Please note, some minor changes to design can occur due to the differences between Wix and WordPres.


Please share this article so others will know of this opportunity! If you have any comments on the process, you can comment below

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Supporting Green Web Hosting

These days everyone wants to be as , or as “green”as they can be, but not many people realize that this doesn’t just apply to large businesses cutting down their emissions or to individuals recycling their rubbish; webmasters can also get in on the act, doing their bit to help the environment by utilizing the many “green hosting”options available to modern web developers.

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